Home, sweet home!

Feb 25, 2017
J.A. James, "Woman's Mission"

There are few terms in the language around which cluster so many blissful associations, as that delight of every English heart, the word HOME.
The paradise of love.
The nursery of virtue.
The garden of enjoyment.
The temple of harmony.
The circle of all tender relationships.
The playground of childhood.
The dwelling of adulthood.
The retreat of old age.
Home is where…
health loves to enjoy its pleasures,
wealth revels in its luxuries,
poverty bears its rigors
sickness best can endure its pains,
and dissolving nature expire.
This, home, sweet home — is the proper sphere of woman’s action, influence and mission! Is it any hardship upon woman, any depreciation of her importance — to place her sphere of action and influence there? Is it to assign her a circle of influence unworthy of herself — to call her to preside over that little home?
Shall we estimate the importance of such a scene of action? Shall we tell of the varied and momentous interests which are included in that circle? Shall we speak of the happiness of a husband, whose bliss, to so considerable an extent, is created by herself; and which involves her own happiness; or the character and future well-being for both worlds of her children?
It is the privilege of the woman…
to make one such home, a seat of holiness and happiness;
to fill one such sphere, with an influence so sweet and sacred;
to throw the fascination of wedded delight and of maternal influence over one such home;
to irradiate so many faces with delight;
to fill so many hearts with contentment, and
to prepare so many characters for their future part in life!
One of the most hallowed, lovely, and beautiful sights in our world, is a woman at home discharging in all the meekness of wisdom, the various duties of wife and mother, with . . .
an order which nothing is allowed to disturb;
a patience which nothing can exhaust;
an affection which is never ruffled; and
a perseverance which no difficulties can interrupt, nor any disappointments arrest!

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