Has There Been a Change?

Nov 07, 2016
Charles Spurgeon

I have met with many persons who profess to be Christians and call themselves Believers, but they have never experienced any change that they can remember from their birth.

Well, dear Friend, there must have been such a change if you are a Christian! I will not say that you ought to know the day and the hour, but depend upon it, if you are now what you were when you were born, you are in the gall of bitterness and in the bonds of iniquity!

If there has not been a turning, you are going the wrong way! Every man must be turned from the way in which our father, Adam, set his face, for our face is towards sin and destruction and we must be turned around so as to have our faces towards holiness and everlasting life!

Where there is not such a turning, there is the most solemn cause for heart-searching, and for the seeking of salvation!

Have you undergone a great transformation? The necessity for it is no fantasy! It is that most solemn word of the New Testament — “Ye must be born again.” There must be a complete and total change in you, so that the things you once loved are now the things you hate—as great a change as there was in Ephraim, who was formerly glued to his idols, and then came to abhor them!

My prayer is that you would search and see whether there is a difference made in your heart by the Holy Spirit—for a mistake here will be fatal. And if you hope that such a change has taken place upon you, then may God grant it to you.

Thus, we have two remarks—a sovereign prediction and a marvelous change.

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