God’s Eternal Decree

Sep 14, 2016
William MacLean, from “Arminian Errors”

The ninth chapter of Romans is the Holy Spirit’s commentary on the eternal decrees of God.
In connection with these sublime mysteries it becomes us, as sinful finite creatures, to be still and to know that He is God, just in all His ways, holy in all His works, that His judgments are unsearchable and His ways past finding out.
As the election of all whom He purposed to save flows from His sovereign good pleasure, so the passing by the rest of mankind has also its source in the unsearchable counsel of His sovereign will, in all the acting’s of which He is holy, just and true.
Election is the expression of the divine mercy; reprobation of the divine justice. Whoever holds to the doctrine of election must hold to the doctrine of reprobation. Reprobation implies that God simply passes by the sinner leaving him as he is. Whereas in election, God choices the sinner in His sovereign grace.
Both are acts of the sovereignty of God.

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