God with Us

Aug 29, 2016
Charles Spurgeon

Genesis 48:21 tells us, “And Israel (that is, Jacob) said unto Joseph, Behold, I die, but God shall be with you, and bring you again unto the land of your fathers.”
Jacob could no more be with Joseph, for his hour had come to die, but he left his son without anxiety, for he said with confidence, “God shall be with you.”
When our dearest relations or our most helpful friends are called home by death, we must console ourselves with the reflection that the LORD is not departed from us, but lives for us and abides with us forever.
If God be with us, we are in ennobling company, even though we are poor and despised.
If God be with us, we have all-sufficient strength, for nothing can be too hard for the LORD.
If God be with us, we are always safe, for none can harm those who walk under His shadow.
What a joy we have here! Not only is God with us, but He will BE with us. With us as individuals—with us as families.
Is not the very name of Jesus, Immanuel – “God with us”?
Is not this the best of all, that God is with us?
Let us be bravely diligent and joyously hopeful. Our cause must prosper, the truth must win, for the LORD is with those that are His.

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