God Did Send Me

Feb 10, 2017

Another example was Joseph who knew what it meant to be betrayed and ill-treated (Genesis 45:1-15). Try to imagine the disheartened spirit which young Joseph must have experienced when he was sold into slavery by his own jealous and vindictive brothers (Genesis 37:1-28). Imagine the heartache of being taken from his elderly father Jacob who loved him so. Yes, when the tables were finally turned and Joseph had the opportunity to avenge his brother’s contemptible conduct, certainly no one would have faulted him if he dealt with them in a less than loving way. But, instead of revenge fomenting in the heart, God’ s miraculous love caused him to see from His vantage point: “…God did send me before you to preserve life” (Genesis 45:5-8); God did it for good. God’ s will was done, even in the mistreatment of one of His own. Please read carefully the blessed text found in 1 Peter 3:13-17. Here, again, we are told that it may very well be the will of God when the righteous are unfairly or even maliciously treated.
Christian, are you suffering wrongfully due to the maligning or the misrepresentations of others? Well, God’s Word says, “If ye suffer for righteousness’ sake, happy are ye…” Are the actions of others causing you to be distressed? “Be not afraid of their terror, neither be troubled.” Trust the Lord to work out His perfect will even in this kind of tribulation. God’s sustaining grace will always prove to be sufficient in every

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