Could You Do Something For Me?

Aug 16, 2017
Jason Young

I asked a colleague, “Could you do something for me?” His reply, “What is it?” We laughed about the moment because I knew he wanted to know before saying yes. My mind quickly traveled a different direction and it hit me:
When God asks me to do something, I often ask him what it is when my immediate response should be yes.
My question back to him has a built-in contingency. You know, if I don’t like or prefer it, I have a way out since I did not commit to it before hearing the ask.
What if I made a 1% shift, and decided to say yes before knowing what God would ask of me instead of first requesting details? What if I did the same in my relationships at home, at work, or at church? What would this look like in your life?
It is about coming to God with an open yes.

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