Conquering Darling Sins

Aug 24, 2016
Richard Steele

(From the book “A Remedy for Wandering Thoughts”)

Hebrews 12:1 refers to, “the sin which doth so easily beset us…”
Sit down and think for a minute what good sin has ever done for you. Think about the hurt it has done you and others, and what fruit, besides the shame, it brings to any.
Your dearest sin is but sin, which is the worst thing in the world, and, its masks and disguises being laid aside.
And also think, the more you love your sin, the more God hates it, and His rage and jealousy is increased with the increase of your desires.
Think how many prayers it has lost you, how many mercies it has poisoned to you, how many smiles it has clouded—besides what unutterable suffering it has inflicted upon Christ.
Consider that you may have as much joy, happiness, and true comfort, without it.
All converted sinners confess that Jesus Christ has been better to them than all their sins.
Augustine complains that when he, in his unconverted state, begged for a divorce from his sin, his heart was afraid—lest God should hear his prayers.
Beware lest your hearts secretly cry, spare and hold back your secret sin, when your tongues openly cry, “Lord, kill and crucify my corruption.”

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