The chosen pleasure-ground of our souls!

Oct 29, 2016

O God of patience and consolation, glory be to You for this throne of grace. Make it ever to us — the chosen pleasure-ground of our souls. May it be the fortress to which continually we flee. Here may we obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Here may we see by faith, Your reconciled smile. Here may we rejoice to plead the name of Jesus. Here may we…
sharpen the sword of the Spirit, anoint the shield of faith, and put on the helmet of salvation.

by prayer also, may we gather supplies of heavenly manna — even the precious nourishment of Your Word. Thus may we be strengthened for each conflict, nerved for our upward race, and empowered for more than conquest over every foe. We know that Christ is the open channel for all blessings to descend upon us. Help us to beg, until the sluices of mercy widely open, and our souls are so replenished that there shall be no room to receive more.

We marvel at our cruel folly, that when such enriching favors are within our reach — that we are so slow to extend the hand to take them! Have compassion on our deadness for Your great name’s sake. Quicken us, arouse us, stir us up, fill us with holy zeal, put strength into us — that we may strive with You, and refuse to let You go. It is Your glory to be vanquished by the power of prayer. May Your Spirit within us, wrest all spiritual blessings from Your yielding hands!

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