A bottomless, boundless, endless ocean!

Feb 18, 2017
Anne Dutton's Letters on Spiritual Subjects

God’s love is…
everlasting, free, sovereign, inseparable, great, and unchangeable!

The happy objects of His love can never,
never be separated from it! Neither…
death nor life,
heights nor depths,
things present nor things to come,
shall ever be able to separate those
upon whom it is fixed!

The love of God to His people is a bottomless,
boundless, endless ocean, which swallows up their
innumerable and mountainous sins in its infinite

The love of God to His people overflows…
all their great provocations,
all their vilest ingratitude,
all their utmost unworthiness,
and ever flows in its triumphant strength, and
according to its infinite riches, to the full supply
of all their necessities – until it has…
loved its beloved objects into its own image;
loved all sin out of them;
loved all grace into them;
freed them from all death and misery;
raised them into itself as the element of their life!

And then the love of God will be to these ‘vessels of
mercy’ an infinite ocean of joy and glory, where they
shall live, and bathe, and dive to the praise of the glory
of infinite love, to the endless ages of a blessed eternity!

But oh, neither the tongues of men nor angels can express,
much less the lispings of a babe set forth–the thousandth
part of the infinite glories, and the ineffable and endless
bliss, of God’s everlasting love!

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