Bear With One Another

Jul 08, 2017
Jonathan Edwards

Believers ought to bear with one another. It is revealed in Scripture that they are all of one kindred, that they have a relationship to one another, which they have not to the rest of the world, being of a distinct race from them, but of the same race with one another. They are the children of Abraham as we read in Galatians 3:7‚”Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham”; they are the seed of Jesus Christ; they are the offspring of God; they are the children of the same Father. And they are much more alike than if they were of the same race. God has begotten them by the same word and Spirit. They are all one family and will, therefore, love as brethren.

It is very unbecoming for those who are the children of God to entertain a spirit of hatred and ill-will toward one another. It is very unbecoming to be backward in helping and assisting one another and supplying each others needs.

Let believers also take heed so as to walk and talk that they may not dishonor the LORD. The children of God are of an honorable race, in fact more honorable than if you were the offspring of kings and had royal blood in your veins; you are a heavenly offspring, the seed of Jesus Christ, the children of God.

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