Allured by the magnetic power of His love!

Feb 12, 2018
Archibald Brown

(From “The Birth-day of Blessing!” 1870)

The day of conversion is termed the “day of espousals” in Song of Solomon 3:11. It is the day in which Jesus, our Heavenly Bridegroom, wins the heart of His bride. He…
reveals His love to her,
shows His beauties to her,
tells her of His sufferings for her sake.
He woos her by His sighs and tears and agonies, and lays siege to her heart on every side — while His lips drop honey-words of loving affection. Unable to resist such heavenly importunity, she finds her prejudices melting fast away. One barrier after another is broken down, and at last, allured by the magnetic power of His love, she gives herself to Him, and with tears of joy exclaims, “My Beloved is mine — and I am His!”

Oh, happy day, when the soul is espoused to Christ. All Heaven looks on and rings a marriage peal, while the sweetest music fills the new-born heart!

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