5 Common Mistakes Men Make in Marriage

Jan 17, 2018
Mark Merrill

Guys, mistakes are, by definition, unintentional. More often than not, we aren’t thoughtless; we just don’t think like our wives want or need us to think.

Here are 5 common mistakes men make in marriage and what can be done about it.

1. Don’t think of the needs of their wife.

You schedule a date night with your wife. Good job! However, you wait until you are walking out of the door to say, “What do you feel like doing?” Don’t do it. Plan ahead. Make a reservation at your wife’s favorite restaurant. Call the babysitter yourself. You will get an “A” for effort!

2. Don’t listen.

Don’t assume you know what your wife is going to say. Don’t tune her out because you have heard it all before. Just listen with your ears and your eyes. In other words, give her your full attention.

3. Don’t understand their wife.

Like many men, you try to “fix” problems rather than understand what your wife is feeling. Sometimes, she just wants you to feel what she feels without giving advice and without trying to fix it. [Tweet this] When I’m not sure, I’ll often say to my wife, “Do you want my advice on this or do you just want me to listen?”

4. Don’t know their wife.

Do you remember getting to know your wife when you were dating? When was the last time you just spent time talking with her, not to her? Ask what her dreams are; where she would like to go on vacation; what good book she has read lately.

5. Don’t confide in their wife.

Your wife wants to be included in your entire world. Confide in her—your dreams; your work; your life. Your marriage bond will only be strengthened.

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