The Need for Vision 20/20

As a friend and partner of this radio ministry, we want to let you know about our upcoming Vision 20/20 Fall Fundraiser (October 29-31). We will be asking our listeners to pray for and financially support Family Radio.


In the past, we had to drain our reserves and sell physical assets (radio stations and property) in order to keep the ministry going. I think you would agree this is not a sustainable model. In time, we would run out of stations to sell and the broadcasting of excellent, biblical teaching and inspiring hymns would end. In short, the Gospel message would not be heard.


I can assure you that we’ve made many internal efforts to reduce operating costs. This has unfortunately included downsizing our staff and selling some stations where giving wasn’t supporting the cost of operating. We’ve also moved our corporate offices to Nashville, Tennessee to escape the rising costs of doing business in California.


We’ve done all these things so we can stay on the air, support your walk with the Lord, and broadcast the Gospel! But we can’t do it alone—we still need you. That’s why the Vision 20/20 Fall Fundraiser is so vitally important to ensuring Family Radio’s financial stability.


Please prayerfully consider supporting Family Radio by committing to a monthly gift of $35, $100, $200, or more during this month’s Vision 20/20 Fall Fundraiser (October 29-31). No matter the amount of your gift, we trust God will use your generosity to influence lives with the Gospel message and strengthen the faith of believers across the nation.


Recently, we heard from a listener named Joe who shared how Family Radio helped him at one of the darkest points in his life. Joe wrote:

“Family Radio was there for me and that’s why I give as regularly as I can…Family Radio is a real blessing from above.”


You can set up monthly giving online by clicking here. Should you want to donate by phone or have any questions about your gifts to Family Radio, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 543-1495. Thank you for prayerfully supporting the ministry of Family Radio. We are a listener-supported network of stations dedicated to enabling people to discover, read, trust, and profess the Word of God, the Bible.


To God be the Glory,

Tom Evans

General Manager


PS. Family Radio depends on the generosity of listeners like you to keep the Gospel message going out every day. Please prayerfully consider how you can support Family Radio through a monthly gift of $35, $100, $200, or more during our Vision 20/20 Fall Fundraiser. Thank you!