Family Radio is pleased to offer many new features with our New Website.
You will find in Program Guides a listing of all our daily features and Bible Readings, for our Eastern and Western US satellite feeds.
The Listen Now tab gives you the option of hearing any one of our three streams (Eastern, Western, European), which gives you the option of hearing Family Radio programming geared to different time-zones. If you miss your favorite program in your time-zone, you have the flexibility of hearing it within another time-zone.
We offer Live Streaming at several bit rates depending on the speed of your Internet Service. 128 kbps MP3 or ACC for users with high speed internet service and 32kbps MP3 or ACC for users with slower speed Internet service.
Our Station Finder feature will help you find your local Family Radio AM and FM station. Our interactive Station Finder page features a geographic map of the US. Just use your mouse to hover over the state in which you live and you will see a listing of local Family Radio stations within your area.
Family Radio is pleased to offer Bible Readings in several mediums. Whether you wish to read, hear or see the Word of God, Family Radio offers you the means to hear or read the King James Version of the Bible.
The Family Radio Bible Reading Fellowship with Hendrick Van Dyk allows you to hear the Word of God read without commentary or alteration.
If you are in need of prayer, our Prayer Request page allows you to leave an anonymous prayer request which may be read during our Prayer Time program feature. Prayer Time airs Monday through Friday 6PM Eastern and 5PM Western on our network of radio stations.