Larry Milliken

It’s been my privilege to host Quiet Hours for the past twenty-seven years. This time is set apart in our programming as a special haven for music, comforting words, and calm. Over the years, I have come to realize we all need a place of refuge to meet with our Lord and receive the calm assurance derived from His presence. The program strives to provide the proper setting where we may unwind from our tensions and position our hearts and minds to think about Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him.

In my years of service at Family Radio, I have worn many hats. Some have fit better than others, but my desire is for God’s glory no matter where I serve. When Family Radio decided to produce the program Through the Bible in a Year, I was asked to do the reading. This is a daunting and challenging, yet wonderful, undertaking. In all likelihood, it will be the finest thing I have ever accomplished—not in regard to my ability, but the opportunity to honor the Lord by reading His Word.

Listeners who write encouraging comments have been a great blessing. I wish I were able to speak to each one personally. In a sense, I do speak to them (albeit one way) via the radio and other vehicles Family Radio uses to send forth the Gospel. I have truly been blessed that God has allowed me to be a part of this ministry.