David Manzi

I can’t put into words how special Family Radio is to me. Even the name “Family Radio” is made up of two of my favorite things in the world: family and radio! I grew up in a Christian home where my mom, a young widow, filled our home with Scripture reading and God-glorifying music. I can still see her playing this small organ we had, singing out the great hymns of the faith. Needless to say, with that background, it’s been wonderful to be part of Family Radio with its similar emphasis on God’s Word and faithful, godly music.

My love of radio goes back a long time. In fact, I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t fascinated by radio. I loved everything about it. One of my earliest memories is of fixing a broken radio. I’m not sure what I did—but it worked! And I was hooked! As I got older, I started building small transmitters from kits, tweaking this, adjusting that, and then hopped on my bike with my transistor radio to see how far away I could pick the station up!

After working in both Christian and secular radio for many years, the Lord opened the door for me to join the San Diego Family Radio family. I worked as an announcer and manager with some technical duties as well. Then, I was asked if I would consider hosting Rise & Rejoice. I was humbled, honored, and blessed to do so—just so long as the emphasis would remain on God’s Word and faithful hymns of praise and worship.

After all, my mom is listening!