Bobbi Hamlyn

When I was a young girl in Minnesota, I always loved school. That love remained constant wherever my family moved: Illinois … Texas … Iowa … and California, where we finally landed when I was in high school. However, no matter where we went, there would always be one black mark that faithfully appeared on every report card! Oh, how I dreaded my parents scanning down through my grades to the bottom where these words would jump off the page: “MUST STOP VISITING WITH HER NEIGHBORS!” Noooo! Try as I might (and I really did!), I could not manage to keep myself from visiting with everyone around me!

Imagine the irony and then the immense satisfaction when God called me to co-host the Family Radio program … A Visit with the Family! Aaahh, how amazing is God to have blessed me by taking my “downfall” and turning it into something that I can now refer to as my calling – my responsibility?! And I get to do it every day – for Him!

That program morphed into Family Connection, which I co-host with Rich Homeres. It’s our joy to take the great love God planted in our hearts and pour it into visiting with you – our “Family Radio family!” We broadcast snippets of these conversations, which come through mail, emails, social media, and person-to-person visits. And, at the end of every month, we also co-host Share Day, a whole day of visiting together over the radio and the Internet, looking at what God is doing through this ministry! How can I be so blessed?!

Most everyone at Family Radio wears many hats to serve our Heavenly Father, and He’s given me a few others, too. He satisfies my love of writing through my serving on our writing team, and He satisfies my great love of children through my “well-rounded” persona, Miss Koala Kindness on Good News Express™!

 We hope that through Family Connection, Share Days, and all of our programming, you can both enjoy fellowship with your brothers and sisters in the Lord and realize that you’re truly a part of this Family Radio family! What a thrill to hear how God is using us all as we gather together through this ministry to reach the spiritually lost and to support each other with the Word of God!