Grace personified!

Jul 24, 2018
James Smith

(From “The Pastor’s Morning Visit”)

“The glory of His grace.” Ephesians 1:6

The glory of grace is its freeness! Grace… fixes upon objects that are most unworthy; bestows upon them the richest blessings; raises them to the highest honor; promises them the greatest happiness; and all for its own glory. Nothing can be freer than grace!

The glory of grace is its power! Grace… conquers the stubbornest sinners; subdues the hardest hearts; tames the wildest wills; enlightens the darkest understandings;breaks off the strongest fetters; and invariably conquers its objects. Grace is omnipotent!

The glory of grace is its benevolence! Grace… has delivered, supplied, conducted, supported, and glorified thousands; brings the inexhaustible fullness of God—to supply the creature’s needs; opens the treasury of heaven—to enrich poor, miserable, and wretched creatures on earth. gives away all it has—reserving nothing for itself!

Jesus is grace personified! In Him grace is displayed in all its beauty, excellency, and loveliness. “Full of grace.” John 1:14

O Jesus! glorify Your free powerful, and benevolent grace in me!

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