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The Latest News from Family Radio

Sep 03, 2014
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During the last several weeks Family Radio has introduced a few new programs to our weekly Schedule; programs designed to educate and better communicate with you, our listeners.

The following is a summary of recent additions to our programming day, as well as other items of news concerning the ministry of Family Radio.


Middle East News:

On Saturday, August 9, 2014 Family Radio began airing the new Middle East News program, a five minute news summary of the week’s events in the Middle East. The program host, Brian Bush, a long-time resident of Jerusalem, brings a unique and balanced perspective in reporting events taking place in this very tumultuous region of the world.


Middle East News airs the following times:


4:44 AM Eastern/ 5:44 AM Western

11:15 AM Eastern/ 12:15 Western

4:44 PM Eastern/ 5:45 Western


Family Connection:

The new Family Connection   program is devoted to sharing correspondence from our listeners.

It airs Monday through Saturday the following times:


9:00AM Eastern/8:00AM Western

5:05PM Eastern/4:05PM Western


5:00AM Eastern/4:00AM Western

12:05 PM Eastern/11:05AM Western

8:15PM Eastern/7:15PM Western


2:30PM Eastern/1:30PM Western

11:40PM Eastern/10:40PM Western


3:44AM Eastern/2:44AM Western

9:44AM Eastern/8:44AM Western

3:44PM Eastern/2:44PM Western


Note, Family Connection does not air during Share Days.


The new Share-Day

The new one-day format Share-Day began airing Thursday morning, August 28th.

The new format is intended to return to the Share-Day format of the past, with listener interviews, and news about the ministry.

Share-Day segments will air several times throughout the day.


.Com to .Org:

Since its introduction, the Family Radio Website has historically been known as familyradio.org.

Yet, Family Radio, has never been a commercial enterprise, and therefore should have been using the proper URL extension- “.org”, rather than the “.com”

Family Radio has always been a not-for-profit organization, in the future when searching for the Family Radio Website please search for and use www.familyradio.org


Mail or Email?

In the past Family Radio has utilized regular mail service to deliver daily, monthly and quarterly correspondence. However, increasingly our listeners have been requesting that Family Radio use email to deliver monthly or quarterly updates.

If you wish to be included in our email update list, please email us at info@familyradio.org


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