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Blessed Thanksgiving

Nov 25, 2015
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Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift.– II Corinthians 9:15

November 2015

Dear Friends,

God has given us a gift so “unspeakable” and immeasurable that we cannot fully comprehend it.  So great is His gift of salvation, our minds are incapable of grasping even a small taste of its glory! Yet, though we see through shaded glass, as recipients of His great gift may we live in an increasing state of constant thankfulness.

Thankfulness in the heart of a child of God is not limited to a once a year holiday or season, rather it grows with time and experience.  As one sits down to enjoy a holiday meal, our hearts should be full of true thankfulness as we consider His great love and mercy.  When He comes to dwell in our hearts and begins to live within us, the shades are removed from our eyes, and we begin to see and experience Him.
What a truly magnificent God we serve!  We have so much for which to rejoice!

May we, during this holiday season, be stirred up by remembering His “unspeakable gift” of salvation and may we all be “…established in the present truth” that Jesus gave His life to save sinners!

During this season, let us encourage each other as His witnesses in this world to lay aside those distractions that so easily beset us and endeavor to make it our single purpose in life to be His servants and witnesses in this world! It is our sincere hope and prayer that all may know Him and His unspeakable gift!

May you consider how you might help others discover and trust the One who secured this gift!

May you consider how you might make it possible for others to discover the Word of God for themselves!

We know and believe that it is only through the hearing of the Word of God that God’s Spirit can give the faith to believe.

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  Romans 10:17

May God bless you with a fruitful Thanksgiving season,

Tom Evans

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