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BlogThank you

We at Family Radio wish to express our utmost appreciation to you, our listeners for your steadfast
commitment to this ministry.

We thank you for working along-side us as we strive to carry this beacon of truth and hope further into our world.

God has so blessed Family Radio and we are honored by His mercy in raising up such a ministry to proclaim His unspeakable Good News!

We are humbled that Almighty God would use Family Radio in any way to fulfill His command to go into the world!

Mark 16:15 “And He said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

What’s Happening at Family Radio?

There are many things happening at Family Radio to further the Gospel message.

For example, we recently launched fifteen newly designed International webpages with new features designed to make hearing, reading or studying the Bible easier to enjoy.

You can visit our Website and simply click on the Multiple Language Option, located at the upper right portion of our Homepage.
WFME- 1560AM, our newest station went on the air in February of 2015!

After more than two years of searching God opened the door for Family Radio to again be heard in the region of NYC, & Northern NJ!

Rejoice with us in praising God for opening this door. May we give thanks to Him for His tender mercy and care for the millions living in this region who have never heard the Good News of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ!

Family Radio is moving our International Headquarters!

After more than forty-four years in Oakland, Family Radio is moving our International headquarters to nearby Alameda, California.

The move will allow us to better serve the technical and financial needs of Family Radio, and allow Family Radio to save tremendously on annual building lease and upkeep costs.

As we strive to be ever more efficient and find ways to save precious funds, the Lord has provided the means for Family Radio to purchase our own building. Lord willing, the new building will not only provide Family Radio a new home, but equally important it will provide income from present and future tenants to offset annual building ownership and maintenance costs. Rather than having to spend donated funds upon building and grounds, the new headquarters should be self-supporting, leaving precious funds for the proclamation of the Gospel.
May we strive to serve Him!

May we look to God for His wisdom and His mercy upon us, as we seek to fulfil His great commission! May He open each one of our hearts and minds through the hearing of His precious Word.

Romans 10:17 “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”